Favourites | Nail Varnish

I was going to do a post on all my nail varnishes/polishes but there were too many, and mine and my mum’s collection is pretty much combined in places as we share a lot. So photographing all of them would be impossible.
These are my favourite nail varnishes, I guess at the moment but some of the more pastel shades are more summery/spring. Yes I realise most of the blogger’s on here have oodles of OPI, but as I have only just started working and I am only 16 I only have cheap and cheerful ones. I buy quite a lot of my nail varnishes from my nearby market, for £1-£2! The nails inc one was actually free from a magazine, and I also got a pink one with it (but I tend not to wear “hot pink” unless I am wearing that colour, but I have red hair so that is rare). 
 These are my favourites out of my mum’s collection (of what I could find). She has a whole cupboard and two plastic storage boxes full of nail varnishes, nail art and nail care products. I love the red OPI, yes it was on sale in Sallys, but there’s nothing wrong with it, it goes on and stays perfectly. I am really getting into neutral colours. I hope you don’t think I am one of these people who just sticks to classic/neutral colours when it comes to cosmetics, because they don’t “dare”. I have been through the stage in my life when I wore every-colour-under-the-sun eye shadow. Maybe I will get back to it, but I love neutral shades at the moment.
This has kind of been a rubbish post as it has kind of been rushed (I have to work today – ugh). So hope you enjoyed and if you didn’t please tell me how I could improve on these posts. Could you recommend some nail varnishes to me? What is your favourite shade? 🙂
Thanks for reading :))

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