George @ Asda Haul

I thought I would show you what I bought on my mini-shopping trip yesterday, I didn’t spend much (honest!).
 There are so many lovely clothes in Asda at the moment, I originally picked up LOADS and it was quite awkward as I looked like a greedy bitch, but I wasn’t actually planning on buying it all, I usually do that and only pick the best ones out! Plus most of the size 16’s had already gone, so I was having to pick up 14’s and 18’s of the same item!
Anyway so I eventually got round to the sale rack, I always look at the whole rack, not just the section of my size. I ended up finding this lovely top, but it was a size 24 and it fits me perfectly as a dress! I apologise if you are a size 24 because I know how annoyed I get when people say that they buy 16-18’s and wear them as dresses ~ so unfair. But anyway this was £5 and I love it. It has a peter pan collar too but you can’t see it.
I also picked up this lovely top on sale, it is in the same royal blue colour as the dress (doesn’t show up well on my webcam). This was £6, and I think I might keep it in my wardrobe for a nice family meal occasion or something (however I have loads of clothes for those occasions). P.s ignore my awkward hand. 
I also just want to show you this amazingly beautiful wrapping paper, I have a thing with buying wrapping paper, I have red polka dots, blue gingham and now this one! I don’t even have that many friends who I actually buy presents for but hey, it’s pretty. Oh I forgot to mention that it has flock on it! It’s gorgeous!
I did buy other things, but they were presents for my best friend, it’s her birthday soon, and yeah I get a bit excited!

12 thoughts on “George @ Asda Haul

  1. I love that dress :3 Asda do have some great buys and i know what you mean about sizing. I'm an 18 but I find I can buy a 20 and have it as a dress :]! x


  2. Love the wrapping paper! I used to love a good bit of fancy wrapping paper, but I'm more in favour of a good ribbon these days… Nice blog! I love the pin up girl background 😀


  3. I am currently trying to find a wallpaper like this for my room, (my mum is letting be do up my room, ~excited~) B&Q do a similar one, but pink and silver isn't really my thing. I may just buy rolls of this and use it on my walls ;).


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