Haul: London + Dr Martens

I went to London at the weekend. It was mainly for going to the Imperial War Museum, but I took advantage of the hour and a half free time and went shopping with my best friend. We didn’t go to Oxford Street or whatever (one day baby, one day.) and I can’t remember the road we went to but it was the one with H&M and Urban Outfitters if that helps? I have no concept of London, yesterday being my first time.
I unfortunately, didn’t take my camera, as my mother decided to scare me saying “you’ll get mugged, you’ll get pick pocketed”. I did see most of the sights though briefly as we drove around. 

On to the shopping..

Skirt – £10 – Topshop.
 We went to Urban outfitters first and they had these gorgeous crushed velvet skirts but they were on sale and still £20, so I didn’t purchase, however we went into New Look and this gold crushed velvet skirt was on sale for £10. It’s a size too small for me, but it seems to fit okay, I plan to wear it with this top for Mother’s day.

 Earrings – £4 – Topshop.

I also got these earrings from Topshop. I’ve been wanting some ‘dangly’ crosses for ages, and these looked cute so yeah. 🙂

We also went to H&M, but annoyingly I couldn’t find anything that I really liked. 

Okay these are not from London, but instead of writing another post I thought I would combine the two. I won these for £17 +£5 p+p off of eBay, I’m so pleased with them and I love them already. P.S ignore how awful I look, I didn’t have time to wash my hair before school and my lipstick has worn off etc etc.

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