Retro inspired outfit: Nice ‘N Sleazy

My mother and I went shopping today and then for a nice meal, I wore this into town and I wore something different for the meal, but I preferred this outfit so I will show you this one. I didn’t have the time or the camera battery life to actually take pictures, so this will have to do! I am planning on showing you what I bought in blog post in the next few days. Anyway, here we go:
It’s kind of a mixed outfit I know, I would have worn boots but I have huge blisters at the moment and these are the only comfy shoes. Also, I obviously don’t have an actual Alexander McQueen scarf, but I couldn’t find the Peacocks one that I have had for years, and they are very similar!
Also, I hit 100 followers! Thank you to everyone, I really appreciate it, I never expected this at all :))Β 

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