Lost my MAC virginity..

I just wanted to express how excited I am; yesterday I made my very first MAC purchase/order! These two items have been pending in the back of my materialistic mind for quite some time now, so last month I promised myself that I would treat myself to some “high end” make up instead of buying little cheap things that I would get less wear out of.

I bought Russian Red in particular because what’s the point in getting a nude MAC lipstick really? Also I’ve heard that this one suits all or at least most skin colours. It also has blue-undertones which is always good for a bit of teeth whitening. I know a lot of people opt for Ruby Woo, however on the website it looked a bit more of a pinky-red.

(MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo)
You probably already have some idea who inspired me to buy the Mineralize Skin Finish, yes it was Louise from Sprinkleofglitter! I just think she is so glowy and just looks stunning all the time! I used to be all about a very pale, matte face, however I have been inspired by her to try something a bit different. Fair skin can look radiant! If it makes my skin look half as good as hers I will be a very happy lady.Β 

Hopefully they will arrive this week sometime and I will be able to do pretty swatches for you all, even though I’m sure these two products are quite talked about anyway.
Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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