Birthday Wish(ful thinking) List!

It’s my birthday soon so I thought I’d make a wish list. Mainly these are things that I am planning on buying myself when I next get paid as a “treat” because I wouldn’t expect anyone to actually spend this amount of money on me πŸ™‚
Β 1. Blonde Human Hair Extensions – eBay – price varies (I’m going to dye them of course)
2. VIXON Flatform Creepers – ASOS – Β£35
3. Disco Pants – American Apparel – Β£70
4. MAC lipstick in Diva – Β£13.50
I am busy the next few days but I am planning on doing a red lipstick review/comparison with a drugstore, high end and also one from my local market.Β 
Also I’m going shopping in Nottingham with Lizzy on Friday which is oh so exciting!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Wish(ful thinking) List!

  1. Wow those creepers are gorgeous! Leopard print is one of my favourite patterns, so timeless! And i'm debating whether or not so invest in some creepers. May have to give these ones a think!

    Sam xx


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