Alternative and retro jewellery haul

This is my last installment of my recent purchases and as you can see from the title it’s a jewellery haul!
Word Rings – eBay store – £1.29 each
I have seen the Karma around online and thought it was a really cute idea and it would be a ring that you can wear on any occasion with any outfit. I found
Skull and Cross necklace – Simply Emily – £3.99
Everyon should check out Simply Emily Boutique, she has some lovely things and I even got a hand written note with my purchase which I thought was cute!
Skull Earrings – Topshop – £2.50 on sale
Ankh Cross Earrings – Topshop – £2.50 on sale
Hula/Tiki Lady Earrings – Claire’s Accessories – £1 on sale

I love how tacky these are!

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