Marc Jacobs quick review: Daisy and Dot

I wanted to do a quick post on Marc Jacobs perfume. I’m no expert and I’ve only ever owned Daisy by Marc Jacobs, however I recently discovered his new fragrance “Dot” and it is perfect.

 These are the bottles for Daisy by Marc Jacobs that I have owned, however I know there are more variations out there and according to the lady in House of Frasier there’s a new one every year. I first received this perfume a few Christmases ago and although it is no use me describing the smell, it is very fresh and floral however with a hint of “grown up”. 
The bottles for any Marc Jacobs perfume are always so cute and classy, and that is what drew my attention to new (I think) fragrance Dot! A bonus is the scent is lovely too, I think I even prefer it to Daisy (shh don’t tell her). 

The price range for Dot ranges from £37 – £63 and I think they only do it it Eau de Parfum (which is the only way in my opinion). 
I’m hoping one day to do a more informed and wider ranging perfume post to make up for this uninformative one. This post was mainly just because I was so excited about the packaging and the smell being divine!

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