Outfits | Inspiration for Berlin

I go to Berlin for 3 nights from the 9th of April and I’m so excited! We are only allowed to take hand luggage so I am currently planning outfits to wear so I thought I’d use Polyvore for some inspiration – I also included one nail varnish from OPI’s Germany Collection  in each of the outfits. 

Inspired by OPI – My Very First Knockwurst
Basic outfit; shorts, tights, jumper, fur coat and boots – this will basically be my staple for the trip! 

Inspired by OPI – Nein Nein Nein, OK Fine

Similar to the first, I will also wear tights and my fur coat!
Featuring OPI – Schapps Out Of It 

Simple again, with a very lightweight top and shoes that I can scrunch up into my hand luggage!

Featuring OPI – Deutsch You Want Me Baby 


My “posh” outfit, as my teacher has insisted we go to a concert/orchestra – not really my scene but we get to dress up. This dress is again very lightweight! I will wear my normal fur coat but I couldn’t resist featuring that cute fur cape in this outfit!  


I’m hoping to do a few travel related posts, like what I’m taking with me, how I’m packing it and also a big post of what I got up to when I get back! 

Has anyone got any tips for going away with only hand-luggage? 

Click here for what I took to Berlin.
Click here for Day 1 of Berlin Twitter | Pinterest | Polyvore Bloglovin 

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