My Favourite (Non-Red) Lipsticks!

I think my favourite lip colour will always be red, it just makes me feel great and so empowered (lame that I need a lipstick to do that but true!). However, I don’t wear it every day as it does dry my lips out and it is very high maintenance. So here are my top 3 lipsticks that I wear when I’m not wearing red. 


1. 2True Glossywear Lipstick in Shade 10 
This one is great for winter! I originally bought this for my best friend and then saw her wearing it and her lips looking fabulous so I went into Superdrug and got one for myself! 2True is very affordable makeup from Superdrug and it does the job well. I found it went better with my red hair but it could have a comeback you never know! This one is in a lot of my old outfit posts and as you can see from the picture it is well used. It has a sheeny finish with some sparkle and if I put concealer on my lips before hand it is more of a pinky/purply colour. 

The only thing that bothers me is the lack of name! Its lasting power isn’t so great either but I find that with all lipsticks that aren’t matte anyway and I am also a messy eater and a lip biter so my lipstick has no chance.

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade 206 Nude Pink 
This is my newest lipstick and probably my current favourite. I really wanted something that would go with my orange hair and although the colour is called Nude Pink it is definitely more of a pale/nude coral orange. I think this is great for a lighter lip colour in spring and summer. The lasting power isn’t that great but probably the best out of the 3 and it also feels super creamy and soft on your lips. I also love Rimmel Lipstick packaging as it’s simple but still looks classy. 

This lipstick is a little more expensive than the others but still a very affordable and quite average price for a “drugstore” “highstreet” brand.  

3. Gallery Cosmetics Lipstick in Shade 175 Burning Bronze 
I have had this lipstick since I first began to wear lipsticks, which is probably bad but oh well. It was from my local market for no more than £2. I think it goes amazingly well with my copper hair and I know I wore it a lot with red hair last summer. It is a golden bronze if you wear it over concealer and more of a red-bronze without. This lipstick is the most pigmented out of the 3. 

Its lasting power isn’t that great which is a shame but you can re-apply it and it still looks fine. 

I will definitely be doing a favourite red lipstick post in the future, I just have to locate one of my old favourites. 

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