Affordable Retro Inspired Swimwear – George at ASDA

I’ve always been a big fan of George at ASDA and I always think they do really cute, often retro inspired clothing for very very reasonable prices. Seeing as it’s summer and I’ve recently purchased a gorgeous swimsuit from my local ASDA, I thought I’d have a look on their website to see if they had anymore in their range and they did! Here are my favorites – I can’t believe how cheap these items are.

Spotty // Animal // Tropical // Cherry – All £12

I own the cherry one on the far right and I absolutely love it. This style is perfect if, like me, you want to cover your tummy, and because they have hidden “body sculpt” they hide any lumps/bumps you may have. I love a good swimming costume because I think they’re more practical and I love being in the water when I’m on holiday.

Purple Polka Top – £8 // Tropical Top £8 // Blue Polka Top – £4
All Bottoms £4

I also found these three beauties! I think ASDA have created a really flattering style here, I rather like how the polka dot ones would cover more “bum-age” haha. Perfect if you want to sun bathe, they’d also look really cute with a sarong! 

I have made myself really “in the mood” for a tropical holiday now but unfortunately I’ve not got one planned! If you are going on holiday this year though have a great time and be sure to check out ASDA!


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