McBusted @ Manchester Phones4U

Finally, exams are over and now I can relax a bit from University work and get my McBusted posts up. I recently went to see McBusted at the Manchester Phones4U arena and they were bloody brilliant to say the least. The whole thing was Back To The Future themed which seeing as that is one of my favourite films, if not my favourite, this was super exciting for me! There was a DeLorean, a spaceship as well as a flaming McBusted sign and Matt Willis in a wedding dress! 

I’m not gonna lie it was a bit weird hearing McFly singing Busted songs but after the first song Air Hostess was over you kind of got used to it. Whatsmore, I have never been a huge McFly fan and really just bought tickets to see Busted, but after this show I am a fully fledged McFly fan too. At times it certainly felt like McFly + two of their friends which was quite cute.  That was the great thing about it though, as they all got on great and had such good chemistry (or rather banter I guess).

But without further ado I’ll let you have a gander at my pictures!



“My Heart Will Go On..”

What I go to School For!

Triple-breasted women!

Matt in a wedding dress has got to be the highlight?

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