Lincs Blog Meet | Boots Goody Bag

If you read my last post (if not click here for some lovely pictures of the day!) you’ll know I recently attending my first blogger meet – Lincs Blog Meet. As I mentioned, a skin care specialist lady from Boots stepped in pretty last minute and met with us in Ask Italian to have a chat about skin care. She gave aΒ whistle stopΒ tour about the skin and its many layers – which I had learnt in Biology but I never really applied it to skincare stupid as it sounds. She spoke about the skin care specialists at Boots not working for a specific brand but to encorporate all brands when working with customers to find the right skincare for their skin type and budget, which I thought was a great idea as sometimes you can feel pushed by people who work for a brand. The talk was great and she was so passionate about her subject, something that always inspires me. She was so lovely and she had hunted out some skin care samples for us all to try out. The bags she gave us were stuffed full of products from Eucerin, Nivea and Clarins – she even returned with more goodies and insisted on stuffing them into my bag bless her!Β 

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