Addressing My Homeware Addiction featuring DotComGiftShop

So as you may or may not know, during August I moved into my second year student accommodation and therefore no longer live in Halls but an actual house (like a proper adult, almost). During this time I have also fell in love with homeware. Before, I used to question why my mother kept so many candles and cushions but now I am a complete convert and I’m addicted to looking for trinkets, lights, blankets and cookware! I think I actually have a problem but it’s better than a drug addiction so I am going to embrace it. I’ve been browsing the shops on the high street, delving into charity shops (because lets face it I can’t really afford to be buying half the pretties that I want to) and scanning online boutiques for lovely things to fill my new home with. Amongst my friends and housemates I have established a reputation for liking (and I quote) ‘cute’, ‘tacky’ and ‘pointless crap’ – but that’s fine… So here is a post that sort of encompasses all that and my new ‘lifestyle’ as I discovered a website called ‘DotComGiftShop’. 

Although, without realising I actually have some of the items that are sold in this shop (not sure how that’s happened I’m a bit dim at times), I thought I’d have a browse through their items and pick out my favourites anyway! My house-style at the moment screams countryside cottage, in the mid twentieth century where all the birds and the deer help me with my everyday chores and afternoon tea is a thing. Although in reality I live in a terrace house in the middle of Hull, smack bang next to a main road and the only wildlife I’ve seen is a couple rooting through our bins at midnight! Afternoon tea IS a thing still though so can’t complain too much. 

Anyway without further adieu take a look at the pretties from this amazing shop! 

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