End of Year Ball Vol.2

I cannot believe I’ve finished my second year of University! It is such a strange feeling as it seems just last week that I packed my bags and moved to Hull but then I feel I’ve known these people all my life! Here are some pictures from my End of Year Ball last month to mark the end of another chapter. I was hoping to get some better pictures of the amazing Under the Sea themed ball but after a bottle of wine this blog post was the last thing on my mind! 
 Also I’d like to mention that I managed to wear heels for most of the night (I really hate wearing them so it was an achievement!) but the only photo that you can see my shoes in I was wearing flats which is super annoying! 




Photo by Jennie


Photo by Jennie

Photo by Jennie



If you’d like to see photos from last years ball and how we’ve all changed from fresh faced first years to stressed and depressed second years click here.
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