Bloggers I adore at the moment.

I thought I would share the blogger love a little by picking out some of my current favourites. There are so many of you lovelies out there, so please don’t be offended if we are pals and I’ve not included you. I may even make a habit of writing these posts, but then again I’m not that good at making blogging habits am I? These are just some of the girlies who have stood out to me these past few weeks, with either their photos, content ideas, writing styles or all of the above!

Megan Eve, The Vintage Beauty Spot

This girl is a fellow Hull Blogger, who actually lived down the same street as me until very recently – it’s a small world isn’t it? Asides from her great choice of location, she also has an amazing blog over at The Vintage Beauty Spot. She’s inspired by the past and blogs all about her vintage style. I’m a huge fan of all her post ideas and fangirled a little (okay a lot) when I found out that she worked at York Castle Museum. I love seeing what she makes, she’s currently working on her own corset!

Photo: Megan Eve

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Fii, Little Miss Fii

This one always seems to be there when I need a bit of help. She’s so lovely and a great support in the blogging community. Her posts on university life were so good (even though I’m no longer a student), whilst her piece on studio lighting came at just the right time as I’m hoping to buy some. She blogs over at Little Miss Fii and talks mainly about her lifestyle and fashion.

Photo: Fii

Give her a cheeky follow over on Twitter and Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel

Jemma, Dorkface

Aside from being generally fabulous and founding #TheGirlGang, Jemma is so inspiring in many different ways. I love her vibrant photography as well as her cute design work – she’s just good at all bloggy stuff really isn’t she? Whatever she’s up to, she always brightens up my day, with her posts, snapchat stories and drunken tweeting sessions!

Photo: Jemma

If you’re not following already, head over to Jemma’s Twitter and Instagram. She’s also recently launched her YouTube channel. 

Tara, Cattitude and Co

After dedicating almost my whole degree to the history of the women’s movement, I’m so glad that blogging has become a platform for feminist discussion! Tara’s writing on feminism, body positivity and sex are inspiring and a must-read for any 21st century gal. Plus I just love how her blog is designed, especially that header!

Photo: Tara

Follow Tara over on Twitter, Instagram and go watch her YouTube videos! 


I challenge you all to share the blogger love and make a post about your favourite bloggers! 


2 thoughts on “Bloggers I adore at the moment.

  1. I really like “share the love” posts like this, it’s so great to spread positivity in the community in this way! I haven’t come across a couple of the bloggers you mention here so I need to check them out! Thank you for sharing 😘😘

    Abbey ✨


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