Transitioning into Autumn with VOLD Fashion

September is a funny time of the year, isn’t it? Whilst summer is definitely over and it’s not warm enough to risk leaving your house without a jacket, it’s not that cold that you can get away with wearing a full-on coat.

This blazer from VOLD Fashion might be the perfect solution.

VOLD Fashion Vintage and Retro 90s Orange Blazer Review

VOLD Fashion started out in a bedroom in London but has now evolved into a popular online store. They sell a beautiful array of vintage and designer pieces, predominantly from the 80s and 90s.

They kindly got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to try one of their pieces. Of course, I said yes! I love supporting small businesses and the VOLD brand is just suited me down to a tee.

VOLD offer unique pieces in a whole range of sizes. I was pretty impressed that they managed to source this beautiful blazer in a size 18. I am a 14/16 usually, but I do prefer to size up when it comes jackets and jumpers.


And, let’s just pause a second and take in this stunning rusted orange colour – I can’t wait to wear this in October.

What’s really different about VOLD is that many of the pieces have never been worn. The concept of second-hand clothing has never bothered me, but it is quite special to think that the item has been preserved for all these years.

VOLD Fashion Vintage and Retro 90s Orange Blazer Review

The blazer has these incredible shoulder pads that really make this jacket a statement piece. In the 80s and 90s, these ‘power suits’ played a key role in women’s fashion. It was Maggie Thatcher era; women were advancing in careers and had to establish their authority in male-dominated environments.

I think it’s interesting that I now work in a male-dominated environment and have found myself subconsciously changing up my style to suit. However, it’s more dressing down rather than dressing for ‘power’. You’d never have caught me in jeans and trainers a year or so ago, but now this combo has a wardrobe staple for me.

Perhaps I can inject a bit of the 90s into my work outfits with this gorgeous jacket?

VOLD Fashion Vintage and Retro 90s Orange Blazer Review

Another thing I thought was great about VOLD is that all the pieces are so different to what you would usually find in a vintage shop. I like the way that they are styled and modeled in a way that gives you an idea of how you could wear them in real-life.

A Screenshot of the VOLD Fashion Website
The VOLD Fashion website

Too often, I see incredible vintage outfits that just aren’t practical for modern-day living.

VOLD, on the other hand, pair vintage pieces together to create a modern vibe, appropriate for everyday wear.

VOLD Fashion 90s Orange Blazer Review

In short, I’m super happy with my blazer; it’s roomy, it’s comfortable and a great statement piece that you can dress down with a pair of jeans or dress up for after work drinks.

If you want to shop VOLD Fashion, head over to their website

DISCLAIMER: I received this item for free from VOLD Fashion, but all opinions remain my own.  

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