Affordable Lifestyle at Boohoo Big and Tall

Whilst there’s a lot of hype in the media about there being a limited choice for plus size women, I think we often forget the lack of options out there for men. That’s why I’m pleased to see the new Boohoo Big and Tall range.

Disclaimer: I received these items for free from Boohoo, but all opinions remain my own.  

Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t think that Aaron (model, boyfriend, and MSc Graduate haha) is actually ‘plus size’, as such. He’s a bit like me; somewhere in between – it all depends on the brand.

He’s also scarily like me in the way that his weight fluctuates. And, the fact that we’re both around average height, so many of the larger sizes are often awkwardly long or ill-fitting in other places.

Like, no I don’t have super long arms or huge boobies just because I’m a size 16, pal. 


So, when we got the opportunity to try out Boohoo Big and Tall, we were very excited.

Aaron tried two of the Zip Through Hoodies, one in grey and one in navy blue, and the Skinny Fit Washed Jeans.


The jeans are a lovely blue colour with a turn-up detail, which I think makes them look that bit more interesting. Compared to previous pairs of skinnies that Aaron has owned, I feel like these ones flatter him the most.

What I thought would have been a good idea was if Boohoo gave you leg length options. As it stands, you just buy the jeans in your waist size.

I guess due to the nature of the turn-up style, you can adapt them to suit your height quite easily.


The hoodies are also fantastic quality. They are roomie but also fit really well, length and size wise. In fact, Aaron actually allowed me to keep the grey one and I can confirm it’s super soft and cosy.

He personally loves all three items. The casual fit and simplistic style suits him well and he was impressed with the quality of the materials. He told me that he couldn’t believe how affordable the clothing was and that these pieces were just as good, if not better than items from more expensive brands.


I think that it’s so important to look and feel great. And, I’m not talking about just the vanity side. When you wear something that fits and flatters, you definitely feel more confident and comfortable in your everyday life.

Body confidence is often spoken about in terms of women. But, is it really that well discussed when it comes to men?

I really do feel like there is a stereotype around men, assuming that they’re not really bothered about what they look like. In my experience, this assumption is wrong. 

Everyone, no matter your age, gender and ability will feel conscious about themselves at some point. Having something that suits you, fits you and flatters you is crucial when it comes to feeling a little bit better about yourself.


You can find the full Boohoo Big and Tall range here.

Disclaimer: I received these items for free from Boohoo, but all opinions remain my own.  

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