Indian Fine Dining in Hull: Tapasya Review

Tapasya Beverley Road offers a distinctive fine dining experience with a spicy twist.

Tapasya 1.png

My first visit to Tapasya was around a year and a half ago. I was invited, along with several other Hull Bloggers to sample their beautiful High Tea, which combined British tradition with vibrant Indian flavours.

This time around, we were welcoming their new chef Gajendera Singh. Fusing traditional methods with exciting new ideas, the talented chef has designed a sumptuous new menu for the restaurant.

Tapasya 5.png

What has impressed me most about Tapasya is their passion for the heritage behind their dishes. Each time, a member of staff has explained the backstory of the dish and how the meal would be enjoyed in India.

For example, the new menu features First Class Railway Lamb Curry. This mutton curry dish was originally created for the First Class compartments on Indian trains.

Tapasya 8.png

From the moment we arrived, we were extremely well looked after. Our coats were kindly hung up in the restaurant’s cloakroom and we were offered a drink from the stunning bar. Throughout the meal, our glasses were constantly being filled with water and the servers were always happy to answer any questions that we had.

Tapasya 14

Tapasya 15

We were then invited to the private dining area, located towards the back of the space. The exquisitely-decorated room was flanked with beautiful cases of wine and Indian artwork.

Tapasya 11.png

The amuse-bouche was a delicious pastry parcel of spicy vegetables with a tamarind dressing; the perfect way to start our meal.

Glancing over the menu, I chose Purani Dehli Ki Aloo Tikki to start, which were sauteed potato cumin cakes stuffed with soft cheese and smothered in mint and tamarind chutney.

Tapasya 10.png

Now, if you know me well, you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan of sauces and dressings, so when this first arrived in front of me, I panicked a little. However, I can safely say that the flavour of the cooling mint, accompanied by the heat of the tamarind was truly delicious. The potato cakes were warm and comforting and something I’ll definitely be ordering again.

Tapasya 7.png

For the main course, I ordered the Chicken Chettinad. What caught my eye was the promise of a spicy, coconut-y curry. And, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.
I would describe this as a mouth-watering, creamy Korma with a bit more heat than usual. Ideal for me as I love spicy curries but always opt for a Korma because of its smooth texture.

Tapasya 6.png

They also brought out a wide selection of sides for us to tuck into. My favourite was possibly Saag Aloo – baby potatoes in spinach puree. I also liked the Saag Makai, which is creamed spinach with baby corn, tempered with garlic.

Tapasya 13.png

Meanwhile, the saffron and cumin braised rice has inspired me to try something new when I’m next in the kitchen.

For dessert, I opted for the strawberry ice cream, much to everyone else’s amusement. I did step out of my comfort zone and test my very British palate by sampling a sweet syrup dumpling. Made with reduced milk, these indulgent bites are little balls of delight. I can imagine them being lovely to dig into on a cold, wintery evening.

Tapasya 4.png

Overall, I would thoroughly recommend a trip to Tapasya. By far, it is one of the best Indian restaurants in the city, adding a little extra sparkle to your dining experience.

Tapasya 16.png

You can find out more about Tapasya, plus view their new menu on their website.

Have you been to Tapasya? If not, are you planning to pay them a visit now? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

*I kindly received an invite from Tapasya to sample their new menu for free. However, all opinions remain my own.Β Read my full disclaimer here.

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