Relaxing at Sessions Spa, Beverley.

Set in the beautiful grounds of an original court house in Beverly, Sessions Spa offers everything from holistic massages to the humble cut and blow dry. Whether you want to get your nails done with a group of friends or just spend a relaxing afternoon on your own, its the perfect place to be! A few local bloggers and I were lucky enough to be invited to enjoy their steam and relaxation facilities, as well as receive a 30 minute target massage and visit their salon.

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Autumn Favourites 2015

I always forget to do a monthly favourites post, and in all honesty, I am that boring when it comes to changing up my products it would probably be the same post over and over again each month. So, now I think we’re officially in winter, I decided to do an autumn favourites post! I’ll get straight into it then shall I?


I bought this just before my holiday in September and have been in love ever since. It has given me a chance to work on the go, and for that, I will be forever grateful. I use this for everything from uni work to blogging to chatting with friends. My favourite app at the moment is the iAnnotate app which has revolutionised the way I do most of my uni readings, it helps you annotate and make notes on pdfs and it has literally saved me so much stress and time! I recently bought a Bluetooth keyboard for it and use it in lectures too. Although this was a splurge I am so so glad I took the plunge to buy this it has truly changed my life (as materialistic as that sounds). 


I am such a massive fan of Yankee candles (I don’t know a blogger or anyone for that matter who isn’t). My boyfriend bought me a couple of them for my birthday and I’ve been burning this one pretty much the whole of autumn. I love having a candle burning when I’m working it really helps me relax into my work.



After spending the summer wearing acrylics my awful bitten nails have finally grown out a little bit. This autumn has been all about me trying to keep my hands looking nice. I’ve been lathering them in this Wild Rose Hand Cream from the Body Shop at every chance I get. It sounds really weird but I’ve been also wearing cotton gloves for a little while after I apply it to let it really soak in. 



Talking about looking after my hands… I treated myself to an OPI nail varnish in duty-free and this has been my go-to nail polish all autumn. I think you could wear this all year round because it’s such a versatile colour. OPI is a little pricey but definitely worth it in my opinion, it glides on leaving no lines and lasts forever!


I’ve been wearing this so much over the past few months. I don’t have a matte brown lipstick (Santa may be bringing me Velvet Teddy though yay) however I do love the look so I found this Rimmel lipliner in a local store and thought I’d try it out. I usually apply it all over my lips and then add a tiny bit of lip balm to stop my lips chapping. I’ve had so many compliments on this and people asking me what lipstick I’m wearing – it’s just a lip-liner. It’s a really thrifty and cheeky tip actually! 


This is my second purchase of this mascara and I really do love it. I do have one problem with it – it seems to dry out a lot quicker than others. However, it does make my eyelashes so long and thick. I wouldn’t recommend this to those who like ‘natural lashes’ however as it can get quite clumpy but if you love the fake clumpy look it’s perfect. It’s on my list to Santa (my mum) so hopefully, this tube will last until the big day!


I would never usually include a book to my favourite things. Not because I hate books, just because I rarely get to read anything but dusty old history books. I was recommended this by a friend and oh my god I absolutely love it! I cannot explain why it is amazing, if you’re a girl living in the 21st century you just have to read it – NOW!

Review | Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Faithful


I purchased Illamasqua Nail Varnish in the shade Faithful in the January sale (click here to view post). It’s such a great colour and cost me only £5 in the sale.


PRICE: The normal price of this Nail Varnish is definitely not student loan friendly – at £14.50 I would have never purchased it, however on sale it was £5, although still arguably expensive I had received some Christmas money the month before. 
COLOUR: The colour is really pretty but still natural. It has a slight glitter/metallic finish and I feel it could be worn all year round. I also always feel browns are versatile with most outfits. 
NEGATIVES: This product definitely needs two or three coats – which is standard however at a value of £14.50 I’d hoped for something a bit more “wow”.

My Favourite (Non-Red) Lipsticks!

I think my favourite lip colour will always be red, it just makes me feel great and so empowered (lame that I need a lipstick to do that but true!). However, I don’t wear it every day as it does dry my lips out and it is very high maintenance. So here are my top 3 lipsticks that I wear when I’m not wearing red. 


1. 2True Glossywear Lipstick in Shade 10 
This one is great for winter! I originally bought this for my best friend and then saw her wearing it and her lips looking fabulous so I went into Superdrug and got one for myself! 2True is very affordable makeup from Superdrug and it does the job well. I found it went better with my red hair but it could have a comeback you never know! This one is in a lot of my old outfit posts and as you can see from the picture it is well used. It has a sheeny finish with some sparkle and if I put concealer on my lips before hand it is more of a pinky/purply colour. 

The only thing that bothers me is the lack of name! Its lasting power isn’t so great either but I find that with all lipsticks that aren’t matte anyway and I am also a messy eater and a lip biter so my lipstick has no chance.

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade 206 Nude Pink 
This is my newest lipstick and probably my current favourite. I really wanted something that would go with my orange hair and although the colour is called Nude Pink it is definitely more of a pale/nude coral orange. I think this is great for a lighter lip colour in spring and summer. The lasting power isn’t that great but probably the best out of the 3 and it also feels super creamy and soft on your lips. I also love Rimmel Lipstick packaging as it’s simple but still looks classy. 

This lipstick is a little more expensive than the others but still a very affordable and quite average price for a “drugstore” “highstreet” brand.  

3. Gallery Cosmetics Lipstick in Shade 175 Burning Bronze 
I have had this lipstick since I first began to wear lipsticks, which is probably bad but oh well. It was from my local market for no more than £2. I think it goes amazingly well with my copper hair and I know I wore it a lot with red hair last summer. It is a golden bronze if you wear it over concealer and more of a red-bronze without. This lipstick is the most pigmented out of the 3. 

Its lasting power isn’t that great which is a shame but you can re-apply it and it still looks fine. 

I will definitely be doing a favourite red lipstick post in the future, I just have to locate one of my old favourites.