A Day Out in Harrogate

Nestled in the heart of Yorkshire, Harrogate is the ideal place to go for a weekend of relaxation, or an afternoon of retail therapy. This picturesque spa town was popular among Edwardian and Victorian high society and has continued to be a top tourist spot ever since. I recently visited the town for a couple of days, so thought I’d share my best finds with you.

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If you do one thing this month: Go see Suffragette

Suffragette hit cinemas this October and being a feminist and a history undergrad I could not wait to see it! Despite missing 10 minutes at the beginning due to a mix up with the listings my housemates and I got sucked into the film very quickly and I’m pretty sure there was not a dry eye in the room during some scenes. If you don’t already know Suffragette is a film about the campaign for the woman’s rights to vote in Britain during the early twentieth century, specifically the militant fringe of the movement. I wont go into too much detail because 1) I’m no film reviewer and 2) I don’t want to spoil the film. 

However because this film is based on the true story of the Suffrage movement it cannot really be ‘spoilt’ as such, especially if you have any pre-knowledge of the period. I was literally sat with my hands over my eyes half the time in horror saying “I know what’s going to happen next oh no!”. The film certainly taps into not only key female emotions but also key human ones. Although the film is set nearly 100 years ago the issues dealt with are still, I feel, relevant to society today – and as the filmmakers remind you at the end of the film the story of the key issue, women’s suffrage, is not yet over. 

It is certainly a film that everyone should see however I feel with not many people will, and especially not those who need to see it. It will make you cry, feel sick, celebrate and cry some more all the while being beautifully put together! 

To quickly conclude: go see this film and make everyone you know see this film.
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Hull Street Life Museum 2014

Hull Street Life Museum of Transport is situated in the Museum Quarter of Hull and contains various transporting wonders from late 19th-century horse-drawn carriages to the 1970’s chopper. Transport museums always produce images of boring museums with train after train after train with a bunch of ‘anoraky’ people stood around who know every last detail about each model, however, I think this museum is an exception and has given me a different, less judgemental view of transport museums!
Amazingly this museum has free admission even though it’s full of 20th-century buses and trams that really give you a taste of the ‘olden days’.  Admittedly everything is a bit mismatched in some parts of the museum like the wonderfully detailed Sicilian cart that appears in the middle of the museum, nevertheless, I think it adds to the charm of the collection.
There are many local artefacts in the museum too including the Cottingham North signal box! This is such a great day/half day out for the family as it’s free and fairly interactive as kids can board a lot of the vehicles and enjoy a horse-drawn cart simulation!  Just be sure not to forget your dividend card when you walk down the quaint 1940’s street and visit the Co-Op!














 I do enjoy a good museum and I love doing these posts and displaying my photography – do you enjoy them too or is my historical side boring and ‘anoraky’?  

Beamish Museum 2014

I recently visited the Beamish Museum with my parents and boyfriend and so I thought I’d share the experience! Being a history student and lover of history I may have a biased and positive opinion on history museums than the average person. However, Beamish is a lot different from the normal, dull, information-overload types you sometimes get around Britain. 
Beamish is an open-air museum that practices “living history”. You can walk around the early 1900’s Pit Village, the Edwardian town, the 1940’s farm and much much more. In addition, there’s trams, buses and trains to get you from one attraction to the next! The staff are all in costume and it’s just a really great experience.
My favourite was either the 1940’s house and farm (I was taking inspiration for my future house, much to my boyfriend’s dismay), or the Edwardian town as the Co-op was a really great. I’d recommend this museum to everyone, it’s truly an amazing experience and I’d go again for sure! 





































York Castle Museum 2014

Pictures from my recent visit to York Castle Museum in York.
I really love York Castle Museum, it gives a real “feel” of the past as you literally look into the windows of old shops and living rooms. It’s really great for those who love history, as well as those who have had no previous interest. Children can learn a lot and your grandparents can have a great day telling you about “the olden days”. 

My boyfriend and I were a bit scared when I saw the bedroom full of toys we had as children – he’s 21 and I’m 18 and we’re both not quite ready to be in a museum yet thank you very much, York Castle! 
Victorian Street
Victorian Street: Candle Stick Maker


Victorian Street: Washing 


Victorian Street: Pharmacy Advertising


Victorian Street: Pharmacy


Victorian Street: Pharmacy


Victorian Street: Horse and Cart


Victorian Street: Toy Shop


Victorian Street: Grocery Shop


Victorian Street: Cadbury’s


Victorian Street: Advertisement 


Victorian Street: Advertisement 


Period Rooms: 1980s Kitchen
Wedding Dress: 1940s
Wedding Dress: 1870s
Sunday Dress 1800s


Period Rooms: 1940s Kitchen
Period Rooms
Period Rooms: Victorian Parlour


Sixties Exhibition 


Sixties: Music

Sixties: Makeup: Lashes
Sixties: Fashion