Classic Style to Fit All with Jacamo*

Whilst I’d love to say that my boyfriend shares my passion for flamboyant fashions from the past, Aaron prefers more of a classic, contemporary look. His wardrobe mainly consists of denim jeans, plain t-shirts, checked flannels and the odd polo shirt or two.

I don’t think we’re going to catch him in a funky pineapple print blazer anytime soon! 

Still, whilst his style may seem simple, it can still be quite difficult to find the perfect fit.

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For the Love of Vintage: An Interview with Vintageholic

If you’re new here, you may have seen a couple of the other interviews in my For the Love of Vintage series. Firstly, I interviewed The Vintage Beauty Spot on her passion for historic style and then I said a few words about what vintage means to me. Last time, Kariss from Shy, Strange Manic spoke about her love for 50’s clothing.

This week, we have Marianna, a self-confessed vintageholic and blogger.

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For the Love of Vintage: An Interview with The Vintage Beauty Spot