An Eastern Twist on Afternoon Tea: Tapasya, Hull


I have always thought of Afternoon Tea to be a quintessentially British activity. Therefore, I was intrigued to discover exactly what Tapasya, a small chain of Indian restaurants in Hull, would offer on their Afternoon and High Tea menu.

Tapasya has just opened up a new restaurant on Hull Marina, after having much success with their original premises on Beverley Road. High Tea is served from 12 pm – 5 pm daily, and guests can have a taste of sweet and savoury snacks, accompanied by refreshing tea or even a cheeky glass of champagne.


From start to finish, we were looked after superbly by our ‘Tea Butler’, who ensured that we were seated comfortably with enough napkins, water and menus. We all opted for the High Tea, which came to a pretty affordable £12.50 each. I say affordable because you get a lot. Many a time I’ve been to Afternoon Tea and paid more than this, only to share a stand with someone else. At Tapasya, they give you a multi-tiered tower of food each! Great news for foodies.


We could have also upgraded our Tapasya Masala tea to one of their finer teas for just £1.50 or a bottle of champagne for just £6.

As an avid English black tea drinker, I was admittedly a little apprehensive about trying a new hot drink. However, I was pleasantly surprised by its warm, yet refreshing taste. The other girls, who love their herbal teas, instantly fell in love with the flavours, comparing it to a chai tea latte. Nevertheless, you won’t see me ditching the Yorkshire tea bags just yet.


Again, being a bit boring and usually only ordering a korma and garlic naan, I was a little nervous to try some of the Indian indulgences. But, I worked my way through the grilled chicken finger sandwiches, deep fried cottage cheese and chicken pakoras – I even tried a samosa, which I would usually turn my nose up at.

To read their full High Tea menu please click here.


There is no doubt that the quality of the food at Tapasya is excellent. I actually had a quick browse through their website and they certainly pride themselves on using local Yorkshire produce. You can also see the experts prepare your food at the Chef’s Table if you’re curious.

The last plate was probably my favourite. In fact, it’s always my favourite part of Afternoon Tea – the cakes and desserts!


It’s safe to say that I am now on the hunt for some of their delicious melt-in-the-mouth Indian cookies, also known as Naan Khatai. They were a kind of shortbread that instantly dissolved on your tongue. There was also a fudge-like finger, which I can’t seem to find the exact name of on their menu. Either way, it was as equally sweet, and really balanced out the spices of the savoury nibbles we had just eaten.


The restaurant itself has been really well renovated, with rich and vibrant colours and fabrics. It almost felt as if we were a thousand miles away from the foggy Hull Marina.

I’m very keen to return to Tapasya and try an evening meal. Perhaps I’ll even venture away from my creamy korma!


*I kindly received an invite from Tapasya to sample their High Tea for free. However, all opinions remain my own. Read my full disclaimer here.

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