Handmade Memories

Scrap booking is something that I have surprisingly never done. Maybe not so surprising to you, as I never let my crafty side show too much on this blog, but probably surprising to those that know me well and know I used to dabble with card making growing up.

I think scrap booking (if that’s what you even call it), requires a similar set of skills as card making: cutting, gluing and sticking. And ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that little Courtney (and now adult Courtney) always loved those three things…
Scrap books make great, thoughtful but effortless gifts. That’s why I gave them to my Uni mates as graduation presents; I just wrote a little note in the front and left them the blank pages to fill – a little cheeky if you think about it, but cute nonetheless.
The idea of creating something by hand has always appealed to me and since I can remember I have enjoyed preserving memories by photograph. Being a 90s baby I’m sort of torn between the nostalgia of sitting around and exploring my Nan’s photo albums, and the instant gratification of sharing photos on social media in the new digital age. This is why I have decided to start physically documenting my life; I want my grandchildren to have something to look through (if they’re interested), and something for me to enjoy over a cuppa in years to come.
I’ll let you know if I do keep it up. I’m going to start by creating something for my Uni memories and see where I go from there…
Do you scrapbook? Share your tips with me below or on Twitter!

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