For the Love of Vintage: A Retro and Thrift Reflection


I had the thought for this series in 2016, as although I still have a passion for retro and thrifty style, I haven’t really discussed it much on this blog. I began this series last month, with an interview with Megan from The Vintage Beauty Spot. If you’d like to have a read of her thoughts on vintage fashion and style from the past, please do feel free to check it out.

Over the next few months, I’ll be featuring some of my favourite bloggers and retro lovers from all over the world.

But, first I thought I’d better write some of my thoughts on the subject. So here, we are:

WILDLIFe (2).png

When did you first get into vintage clothing?

I think I’ve always had a thing for old pieces of clothing and items. I used to play dress up in my late Great Grandmothers scarves when I was really young. I also had a strange affiliation with my mum’s old Simple Minds t-shirt. She’d given it to me to paint in when I was small, but I’ve still kept it until this day.

I started wearing vintage and retro-inspired clothing when I was around 16 or 17. I was growing out of my goth/emo/alternative phase and wanted something a bit more girly, but still ‘different’. I started pairing old floral skirts with band t-shirts that I’d collected over the years.

Through social media and blogging, I quickly became obsessed with the pin-up image and that’s when I started rooting through charity shops and retro reproduction websites like Hell Bunny.

It wasn’t until my Uni days when I really started going for it. I learnt vaguely how to do victory rolls and always wore granny cardigans with pencil skirts to lectures. Looking back, I don’t think I got it quite right.


What exactly is it about vintage or style from the past that interests you?

I think it’s the story behind the clothes. I have always been interested in history and focused a lot of my studies at university around women’s rights and their story. Makeup and fashion certainly shaped it (or was shaped by it, depending on which way around you want to look at it).

I remember reading this incredible book, which I still often refer back to, called Compacts and Cosmetics by Madeleine Marsh. If you’re interested in the history behind makeup and how it ties in with women’s emancipation you should really give it a go.


What’s your favourite era?

If I could only give one answer I’d say the 50s for the aesthetic. However, era’s full of protest and cultural change such as the 60s, 70s and 80s really interest me too. On the other hand, I love the 1800s; but you can’t really walk about day-to-day in a Victorian corset.


What does vintage mean to you and your identity?

I think when I was younger it meant a lot to me because it was how I presented myself to the world, and that’s important when you’re 16-18. Nowadays, I definitely save my vintage fashion moments for special occasions. You may be pleased to hear that I’ve hidden all my oversized garish jumpers and try to stick to more flattering pieces, mixed with modern day wears.

I’m still a huge fan of 50s inspired makeup, though. I don’t think you’ll ever separate me and my red lipstick.

If you’re a vintage blogger or just love the retro life, please feel free to get in touch! I’d love to feature you on my blog and read your thoughts on vintage style. Email me at or Tweet me

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