For the Love of Vintage: An Interview with Vintageholic

If you’re new here, you may have seen a couple of the other interviews in my For the Love of Vintage series. Firstly, I interviewed The Vintage Beauty Spot on her passion for historic style and then I said a few words about what vintage means to me. Last time, Kariss from Shy, Strange Manic spoke about her love for 50’s clothing.

This week, we have Marianna,Β a self-confessed vintageholic and blogger.

WILDLIFe (4).png

When did you first get into vintage clothing?

I’ve always liked all things vintage. I think I was about 16 when I first wore a vintage cape that my grandpa had once made. Since then, I couldn’t go back to “casual” clothing. I loved this special feeling of wearing something so unique!

That’s lovely, what exactly is it about vintage that interests you?

I love the fact that vintage clothes ooze glamour and femininity. The pieces are totally different than what’s being made nowadays; the quality is better, the designs are better and generally, it’s much easier to look well dressed when choosing vintage.

What would you say your favourite era is?

I love the late 40’s, early 50’s period, but I also have a thing about the 20’s. I love mixing the best elements of each era to create my own, personal style.

What does vintage mean to you and your identity?

Vintage makes me feel like myself. It makes me confident. I simply can’t imagine myself having a different style and I think that says it all!

You can find Marianna over at her blog Please also check out her Facebook, InstagramΒ and Twitter.

If you’re a vintage blogger or just love the retro life, please feel free to get in touch! I’d love to feature you on my blog and read your thoughts on vintage style. Email me at or Tweet me.Β 

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