OOTN: Golden brown, finer temptress.

I’m going to see the Stranglers for the second time on Thursday and I’m very excited! I had no clue what to wear as this time the gig is actually in my city, so there might actually be people there I know (which suckkks). So this is what I plan to wear. 
The dress in the picture is slightly different to the one I have, mine has longer sleeves and ‘gold button detail’. And obviously my docs are a bit more scruffy that those on the picture, because they were second hand! 

Sorry this was only a quick post but I wanted to collate my ideas so I could be sure of what I was wearing, instead of leaving it to last minute! Hope you like :).
I am also thinking of dying my hair an auburn/red colour, very similar to what I am now, but more orangy, just temporarly because I still love my red hair deep down, I just fancy a change, what do you think?
P.S Just to let you know, I don’t just copy of Florence Welch! 
She is beautiful though. Oh and P.P.S I have purchased my Leeds festival ticket, and I am going on the Sunday, the Kasabian/Florence day. I am gutted because I soo badly want to see The Cure, but hopefully they will do a UK tour or something (Please Rob?).

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