Life | Hull University!

So yesterday I went to the University of Hull open day and I absolutely loved it! 

If you didn’t know already, I am hoping to do a History degree and then after going into teaching or journalism. 
The University has 2 courses which I would love to do; History (as a single Honor’s) and History with Social History. I really love the fact they offer so much choice and flexibility and have such a diverse range of topics – which is important for me as I don’t feel I can decide on one specific era or period of time.

Another thing is that they also have a good reputation for languages. I am hoping, wherever I end up studying, to carry on learning German and maybe re-learn French or even pick up a new language.
I also loved that the grades they require from you are achievable (most of the History courses I looked at were AAA or AAB – which is just not going to happen) and also that they look at you as a person and not just the 3 letters you produce.

So fingers crossed eh?

Are any of you applying to University this year? Any tips from those who have been through the application process and survived? 


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