Review | The Beauty Parlour Salt Scrub

I’ve been really enjoying the Beauty Parlour Salt Scrub recently. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may or not know that I suffer from KP, I briefly explained it here and mention it quite often. In a nut shell I have it on my face and the tops of my arms and back. Usually I have to be careful with scrubs, especially the lovely scented ones (boo!), because my skin will flare up, however this one has not yet made my skin unhappy!

 It also smells divine and leaves a really lovely moisturised feel to your skin after you apply it and wash it off. I use this on my legs too, after I’ve shaved and I would say in total I use this 2/3 times a week and my skin feels so much smoother. 

I first discovered this brand in Superdrug and I’ve always felt this brand was a kind of Superdrug’s version of Soap and Glory – they have similar packaging, with that familiar “retro vibe”. However I am now a huge fan of both brands and they are both very similar in price.

Have you tried Beauty Parlour products? Which is your favorite? 

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5 thoughts on “Review | The Beauty Parlour Salt Scrub

  1. Thanks for your comment, love your blog! Now following =)
    Great review, I am looking for some products that are gentle to skin lately as the other half as bad exzema and loooads of stuff makes it flare up. Might try this brand =) xx


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