Berlin | Day 3 – Die Berliner Mauer, Der Berliner Dom and German Restaurant!

Fernsehturm Berlin with St. Mary’s Church

Der Berliner Dom



DDR Museum 


DDR Museum 


DDR Museum – Trabi! 


DDR Museum – Trabi!


DDR Museum 




Die Berliner Mauer 


Die Berliner Mauer




Checkpoint Charlie


Mehr Wein!



“Proper German Restaurant”
So this was really the final day as we left first thing the next morning. We had a “Live in the GDR” Day because the Berlin Wall is something we have to speak about in our Oral examination. It was overall a really good day, despite the rain. We ended up taking a detour to Berlin Cathedral because the queue was huge for the DDR Museum which is situated bang next to the Cathedral. We even went into the Crypt inside there, which has a lot of the coffins of the rulers of Germany – it was definitely an experience, but as you can see I didn’t take pictures as I didn’t find it appropriate.
The DDR Museum was very interesting and as it claims “hands-on”, I really enjoyed it and it was very retro and kitsch. However, I do think it painted a rather too positive picture of communist life.
The Berlin Wall itself has a very different feel. I actually walked right up to it on my own, whilst the others in my group were reading and it actually had such a weird feeling about it. It was almost daunting and definitely intimidating.  
We then got standard tourist pictures at Checkpoint Charlie. Which is very very commercialised now and the “American” guards were actually very flirtatious Germans. 
After having Italian for 2 days we finally persuaded our teacher to take us to a proper German restaurant. When looking at the menu I really did regret it but when the meal came it wasn’t that bad! I even had a mouthful of Sauerkraut. Also, I think I’m going to buy myself a wine mug because that was so cute! 
Thank you for reading about my trip, I know it’s not the normal Beauty/Fashion stuff I normally post on here but I really wanted to share it with you all! 
I would really love to go back there, it was such an amazing city. 

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