Wishlist | MAC Cosmetics.

I was going to do a Hayley Williams Collection post but seeing as they’ve already sold out of the two items I would have bought.. I’m very angry with them basically. 

1. Studio Fix Fluid in NW10
I’ve been using MAC ProLong Wear foundation for the past year and really feel like a change, plus they released new, lighter shades woo!

2. Studio Fix Powder in NW10
Again, as I meantioned in my Collection 2000 Pressed Powder Review  I really want to try new things with my foundation routine. Also I thought a powder foundation might be better for summer?

3. Lipstick in Shade Sounds Like Noise (Hayley Williams)
This has sold out at the moment but I’m hoping that MAC will restock because I think this colour will go with my hair so amazingly and also Hayley Williams was my style goddess when I was younger. 

4. Powder Blush in Harmony 
I’ve started contouring and bronzing more recently so I really want to try MAC’s famous “Harmony”.

Hopefully going to treat myself to at least two of these items in the next coming weeks!


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