The Vintage Cosmetic Company – ‘Gracie’ Lashes Review*

I was super lucky to receive these gorgeous ‘Gracie’ Lashes by The Vintage Cosmetic Company * from awesome makeup company MeSoMakeup. I was super excited to try them as I’ve had my watchful eye on The Vintage Cosmetic Company for a while but never got round to purchasing anything. These ‘Gracie’ Lashes did not disappoint, read on to find out why!

What I loved about these ‘Gracie’ Lashes had an invisible band which I always look for when buying lashes. Small or invisible bands, I find, make it so much easier for the lash to be pushed closer to your natural lash line and all together mould to your eye shape. Thicker lash bands always seem to ‘ping’ off for me.

I personally would wear these eyelashes in the day as I am a regular wearer of falsies and these eyelashes for me would create a natural look, however, I did wear them to the pub that very night so maybe I’m contradicting myself. I would recommend anyone who is getting into false eyelashes whether it be at night or the day to try this pair out as they are quite natural without being too natural and you can hardly feel them on your eye.

Retailing at £6 they are not too expensive but possibly out of the question on a student budget, however as they are reusable you can easily get your money’s worth. As mentioned before they did not itch or irritate my eyes like some thicker lashes do so I was able to wear them pretty much all day and then go to the pub at night without worrying about them at all.

Here are the before mascara and after mascara pictures – I think if you had naturally dark lashes you’d be able to get away with not wearing mascara at all but because I’m fair I had to touch up with a little bit of mascara.
As you can see it made all the difference!
Here’s the finished look! I went for a traditional pin-up style look with bold brows, bright red lips and a matte finish.

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