Beauty Bad Habits

My friend and fellow Hull blogger, Charley ( recently wrote a post on 5 of her worst beauty habits! I loved it so much I thought I’d share 5 of mine – hope she doesn’t mind, and I hope you enjoy and can relate to at least some of them!

1. Falling asleep with my makeup on.
This is a habit I have only recently started doing and I have no idea why. I used to be really good at removing makeup, but within the last few months, I find myself waking up with yesterday’s makeup on – mother will not be impressed!

2. Unnecessarily damaging/losing my false eyelashes by leaving them around the house
A habit I probably will never kick – I haven’t got time to be looking for a safe place for them when I get in from a night out!

3. Never washing my makeup brushes
I literally never wash my makeup brushes unless I get spots or have had a cold. I really have not got time for that.

4. Picking off my mascara 
Again, a recently adopted habit and just as bad for my face!

5. Using makeup way past its use by date
I really do not have the money to buy new makeup unless it has completely ran out.

Do you have any of these habits or am I just a disgusting and lazy human being?

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