A Taste of Twentieth-Century France in York: Patisserie Valerie

Opening its doors in London’s Soho in the mid-1920s, Patisserie Valerie now brings French café culture to cities right across the UK. With its retro, 1950s vibe and delicious cakes, breakfasts as well as a wide selection of tea and coffee, it’s a tad surprising that I hadn’t eaten there before.

Aaron and I wandered into their York branch on my 21st birthday, seeking a tasty breakfast in beautiful surroundings – and we definitely found what we were looking for, and then some.
The space is strikingly decorated in a vintage French style, with old-fashioned European posters on the wall alongside grand gold mirrors and light fixtures. A lot of the vibrant sweet treats are displayed in huge counters and on the shelves, which made it very tempting to have cake for breakfast!
We didn’t sample any of the stunning looking cakes or pastries, as we were heading out for Afternoon tea later in the day and didn’t want to overload on the sugar. However, we did order one of the gorgeous continental style breakfasts. We both opted for the scrambled eggs with toast and bacon, which cost £6.70. Being a bit of a fancy place, I was expecting the portion sizes to be small but I have to say there was plenty to go around! I also ordered a black Americano, which was delicious too! Next time, we’ll have to try some of those cakes…

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