5 Ways to Re-inspire Yourself

For quite a while now, I have had a bit of a creativity slump. I’ve not wanted to create; it’s like I’ve become tired and bored with it almost. I feel like I’ve lost a limb because my creative side is huge part of who I am. So, I’ve been trying different things to re-inspire myself. If you’ve been feeling the same, these tips might help you too.

Let others re-inspire you.

This isn’t as lazy as the heading suggests, I promise.

Often, I spend so much time writing and creating, that I don’t have much energy left to read and appreciate other people’s work. As a blogger, this can leave me feeling quite disconnected from the community.

I’ve made an extra effort recently to read other people’s content and have felt really inspired by what my fellow bloggers are putting out there.

Some of my fave blogs to read are Dorkface and Charley Lucy. Jemma’s blog is always so bright and colourful and all of her posts instantly make me feel fab. Meanwhile, Charley is always on the ball when it comes to tech, digital and content creation, which is great when I’m feeling stuck in a rut.

Take a step back.

Sometimes, just taking a break to revive yourself really makes a world of difference to your creativity levels. I’ve certainly been doing this recently; taking time out for myself, doing stuff just for me and not worrying if I am not putting a heap load of posts out.

Vicki, The Honest Mum, agrees with me:

Immerse yourself in nature.

A personal favourite of mine is to get outdoors and appreciate the world around me. Living in the city, I don’t get much of a chance to see trees and greenery, but this sort of stuff really re-enegises me. So when I do get the opportunity, I love switching off my phone, taking my camera and just exploring.

If you’re not a nature-lover, just getting out into the city or a new place could really help you too.

Do something you used to love.

In the past year, I feel that I’ve really figured out what actually makes me happy. And when I’m happy, I’m creative. Think about something that you used to really enjoy doing, but perhaps don’t get much time to do anymore. For me, this has been a number of things, such as taking more time to do my makeup, listening to old albums and getting stuck into crafts.

Take up something new.

Speaking of crafting, I have recently begun crocheting, thanks to the wonderful Traenerhus workshop that has just opened in Hull. I’m currently practicing different stitches and making my own blanket.

Trying something new or taking on a new project can really help to spark creativity. You’ve got something new to focus on and this is great when trying to re-inspire yourself.

Have you got any tips for re-sparking creativity? I’m always looking for new ideas so feel free to share them in the comments below or Tweet me

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Re-inspire Yourself

  1. Fabulous set of tips! I particularly like the one about seeking a change of scenery – I think that’s a fabulous way to re-fresh your mind.

    My top tip would be: Give yourself permission to be absolutely rubbish at something. Lower your expectations of yourself. Do that thing you’re always told you shouldn’t. Knit with the wrong needles. Break design rules. Break writing rules. Do everything wrong and don’t care about it at all. It can be liberating but also surprising in that sometimes you find a new way of approaching your creative side that sparks that creativity into brighter life than before.


    • I completely agree, Katie! When I was younger I used to take much better photos, but there wasn’t the pressure back then that there is today to take the ‘perfect’ blog or Instagram shot. I didn’t compare myself to other creatives as much as I do now. I need to give myself a break sometimes I think!

      And, thanks for commenting on my blog – it seems to be a dying art nowadays!

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